Go Kai Kai’s Fan Guide to SMTOWN Travel’s Global Packages

Alright folks, this is gonna be the page for everything related to SMTOWN Travel Global Packages here on Go Kai Kai dotcom.

While all of my Global Package experiences are for EXO concerts, I believe that at least 90 percent of the experience is the same for any tour that SMTOWN Travel runs. In the true spirit of fandom, it doesn’t matter which SM Entertainment group (or solo artist) you stan because knowledge is for sharing and sharing is caring.

The page is basically a compilation of what I’ve written about in my previous posts and I’ll link back to them as appropriate but this page is fully updated as at the date below.

Information is fully up to date as of June 6, 2018!

Important Disclaimer: I don’t work for SMTOWN Travel and these are my individual opinions based on my past experiences of Global Packages. All factual information is taken from SMTOWN Travel’s official website and can be accessed by anyone with a registered account.

What do I get with a Global Package?

At a minimum the Global Package covers the concert ticket(s), accommodation, tour souvenirs and transport to the concert venue and back to the hotel based on the number of concert nights you want to attend.

Standard tour souvenirs for the ElyXiOn in Seoul, November 2017

Nothing else is covered so budget accordingly for your flight tickets, travel insurance, transfer to/from hotel and airport, food and spending money.

It is important to note that SMTOWN Travel does not sell concert tickets only – if you’re interested in seeing just the concert and do not need accommodation/transport/guide, then you’ll be better off getting the concert tickets from the respective concert organizers. Information about each country’s official concert organizer (and the ticket prices!) is easily available online.

Standard tour souvenirs for the EXO’rDIUMdot in Seoul, May 2017

How much does a Global Package cost?

There are too many variable factors to consider – e.g. type of concert, number of nights, package level, standard of hotel, country, etc. – so there really isn’t a single definitive answer for this.

Korea concerts

As a rule of thumb based on my previous experience for the EXO’rDIUMdot in 2017, the single Economy Package for one night’s concert ticket with 2 days of accommodation in Korea (the most basic of all packages) starts around USD 499 and up. I feel that it’s safe to budget USD 200 per additional concert night, so think in terms of USD 499, USD 699, USD 899 and so on. As of June 2018, an Economy Package for the ElyXiOndot now starts at USD 529.

Also, only the Seoul concerts have varying levels of Global Packages. The better the package (Economy / Deluxe / Superior / Premium) the higher and more expensive the pricing will be and can run into the low 4 digits. As of June 2018, a Premium Package for the ElyXiOndot starts from USD 1,059, compared to USD 999 for the ElyXiOn just 7 months before.

Based on my observations, you can expect an increase between USD 20 to USD 60 for each subsequent ‘special’ concert held by SM’s boygroup EXO. So if you’re planning to watch EXO PLANET #5 in Korea, take note and budget for about 5% more than the ElyXiOndot prices and you won’t feel sticker shock when the time comes.

List of premium tour souvenirs for the ElyXiOn in Seoul, November 2017

Overseas concerts

The cost of the package will differ for other foreign countries (because of hotel and currency). However, based on the trend I’ve observed for packages in 2018, taking up a global package outside of Korea is more expensive. Expect to budget around USD 899 for just one night of concert / 2 nights of accommodation and add around USD 300 for each additional night to be on the safe side. You can see the list below for some reference points to do your own budgeting (do note that they are all based on a single package, for one concert night only):

  • January 2018 – EXO in Saitama (Tokyo), Japan @ USD 899 with seating ticket
  • February 2018 – EXO in Osaka, Japan @ USD 899 with seating ticket
  • February 2018 – Super Junior in Hong Kong @ USD 899 for either seating or standing ticket
  • February 2018 – EXO in Taipei, Taiwan @ USD 899 with seating ticket
  • March 2018 – EXO in Bangkok, Thailand @ USD 899 with seating ticket or USD 854 for standing ticket
  • February 2018 – SHINee in Tokyo, Japan @ USD 819 with seating ticket
  • February 2018 – SHINee in Kyocera, Japan @ USD 889 with seating ticket

You mention USD – how much does the Global Package cost in my local currency?

All of SMTOWN Travel’s tour packages are quoted in USD. Please use a currency converter to find out how much it costs in your local currency.

I don’t have a PayPal account – can I pay SMTOWN Travel by other means? Is it safe to use PayPal?

There is no other payment option in the website. But there really isn’t any reason not to use PayPal – it’s free to open an account online and you can link to your local credit card or bank account for online payments that are secure.

Can I reserve the Global Package and pay later?

In the website it states that payment will have to be made within 2 hours of selection, if not it will be released for sale again.

So if you really want to take up a Global Package, make sure you have the funds ready in your PayPal account or have a valid credit card linked to your account in preparation for the reservation process.

There is no deferred installment plan – you can only break the payment into 2 (ie. split it in half) for those going on a twin package. I personally find it easier if one person pays the full amount first though.

I want to get the best seat available! How did you get your seat and how close can you be?

As a fan myself I understand that you naturally want to be as close to your idol as possible. It really is down to your luck whether you’ll get it. The seats are randomly distributed so you could even get a front row seat (met a lucky fan who got it before) and my own past experiences have been 2-3 rows from the front. You’ll probably be close enough for the artistes to see your fan signs but whether you’ll make eye contact or get to touch them is really dependent on the venue and how strict security is.

SMTOWN also states that the section (not row) of your seat may depend on your package level. On Premium package I was seated near the main stage, 3 rows from the front. On the Economy package, I was seated one row from the extended side stage.

3 rows from the front, the ElyXiOn in Seoul, November 2017

As for “best” seat, I can’t advise you on that. Only you know what you want/like. You may prefer a standing ticket to be closer to your idol or you might prefer a seating ticket to enjoy the concert without having to crowd with masses of people. Some like the center area to view what’s going on for all stages, still others like the wings when the artists will come close by. So please don’t ask me for a recommendation of a “best” or “good” seat.

How will I know where I’m sitting/area I’m assigned for the concert?

You won’t know until the day before the concert when you draw your tickets in the hotel lobby. As I’ve mentioned above, it’s completely random.

Seating map of the EXO’rDIUMdot in Seoul, May 2017

But I’m going with a friend! Will we be separated?

If you buy a single package separately then yes, it is likely you might end up separated or even at different hotels (there can be up to 40-50 buses for all the Global Package participants in Korea!). If you really want to go together with your friend SMTOWN Travel recommends taking up a twin package. Downside is you’ll have to share a room though. Twin package participants will get consecutive seats next to each other at the concert.

Global package schedule for the EXO’rDIUMdot in Seoul, May 2017

What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund or change the type of package?

I really hope you don’t change your mind because the moment you complete your payment, there’ll be a cancellation charge of 10% and this percentage increases the closer you get to the concert date. There is also no option to “upgrade” your package except to cancel the original purchase and hope for availability of the new package you want. So, it is important to know which level you want or can afford up front. Remember to budget accordingly!

How many packages or reservations can I make? I want to go with a group of friends.

According to the website, you can reserve for up to 2 people including yourself. So that means you can only help one other friend who must be going with you. (Note: the English on the website isn’t very clear so I’m not sure if you can reserve two single packages or if the maximum of 2 pax means you can only book a twin package. Based on how the website is setup, I think each individual can only reserve one package, either a single or twin.)

Updated : I’ve been told that you can reserve more than one package BUT the purchaser has to be the person attending the concert. As an example, person A can reserve multiple packages and attend the concerts, but person A cannot reserve on behalf of person B unless both A and B are on the twin package. So, you can’t reserve a single package using your name for your friend as they will check the name in your ID against the name in the reservation. SMTOWN also states that you can’t reserve the package in your name and pass off the concert ticket to someone else. If you want to attempt that, I’m sure they can blacklist you and your friend from future concerts.

When will SMTOWN start selling a Global Package for [insert artist] concert?

I’m afraid I don’t have a magic ball that can predict this sort of thing. If you already have an account with SMTOWN Travel, you will get the email notification from them when a Global Package is released. Otherwise, you can also follow their official Twitter account for news.

Pro tip: For highly popular concerts in Korea, you will have very little advance warning.

How easy is it to reserve a Global Package? How fast will it sell out?

The website itself is pretty straightforward and no translation is needed because there is an English version mini site for each event. Just do your preparations – create an account with SMTOWN Travel and PayPal ahead of time. If you’re really unsure about the whole process, no harm trying it out with one of the other packages like the MCultour package that SMTOWN Travel also runs from time to time. Just click through (before the payment page) to see what kind of info is needed and get a feel of how long it will take you to fill it up.

As to how fast the packages will sell out, it won’t be as bad as the stories you hear about trying to get regular concert tickets in Korea. But, that being said, it doesn’t mean you should be complacent about trying to book your tour package. You’ll probably have a window period of 2-5 minutes after release (on the stated date/time KST) to make your selection after which choices will get progressively narrowed down.

Official notice of Global Package sales from SMTOWN Travel for the EXO’rDIUMdot in Seoul, May 2017

For the ElyXiOn in Seoul concert Global Package sales in October 2017, packages remained available (as in, not completely sold out in all categories) for a good 20 minutes or so but you might not be able to reserve your package of choice. For the ElyXiOndot in Seoul coming up this July, there were packages available for only the first or second night of concert as at midnight on June 5, 2018.

For the ElyXiOn in Japan sales in December 2017, the sell-out rate was even faster than the Korea concert. Within 1 minute right after the release the global packages were completely sold out. This probably is because there is only one hotel/category in Japan compared with 4 different hotels and categories in Korea. So demand is greater for the Japan/overseas packages due to the smaller group of fans that SM can cater for. Another example is the ElyXiOn in Bangkok sales in January 2018 – the official concert organizer limited the number of participants to 38 pax per concert night. So you can work out for yourself just how high in demand the concert tickets are.

Oh no! I didn’t get the package I wanted! What do I do?

Firstly, decide on several options before the ticketing starts. That way you won’t feel so pressured or limited in your choices.

If you completely miss out on the first round, usually there is a second round – it’s said these are usually the packages released for sale again after people didn’t make their payment in time.

A pro-tip for those who are willing to take a gamble – SMTOWN Travel is very strict with the 2 hour payment time frame. You could possibly make a reservation on a second choice but not pay and keep on refreshing the page at the 2 hour mark to see if your preferred package gets released due to non-payment. Please bear in mind I don’t recommend doing this because it’s really risky and you might not even end up with a package AND you’d potentially be depriving some other fan of an available spot. So please do think long and hard before you do this!

I don’t want to miss out! Which type of package has better chances of availability – single or twin?

I would say it depends more on the package level you’re aiming for. This is because availability most likely depends on the number of rooms at any one particular hotel that SMTOWN Travel has probably booked. Hence that is more of a limiting factor (to me) than a single or twin package. Also whether you intend to watch all concert nights will be a factor as well – eg. there might be less tickets (and therefore packages) available for say, a final or opening night than the one in the middle. Having said that, for the ElyXiOn in Seoul concert Global Package sales in October 2017, twin packages remained available far longer than the single packages.

Pro tip: If you’re not picky about which concert night you want to watch, then availability is much higher for say, the middle concert night. If you want to watch all nights of the concert, then good luck to you in the initial scrum for tickets! Also, packages for Deluxe and Superior are much easier to get because there’s less competition for those.

I want to experience the Premium Global Package! When and where can I get it?

Premium packages used to be based on a roulette lucky draw or so I’ve heard. The good news is that now the Premium packages are available for the Seoul concerts and as long as you’re willing to fork out the moolah and you have fast fingers to book the package when it’s available, you can experience the awesomeness that is the Premium package!

Full set of premium tour souvenirs for the ElyXiOn in Seoul, November 2017

Is the Global Package connected to the official fanclub(s)? Can we go for special events?

I believe that the Global Package is not connected with any of the official fanclubs run by SM Entertainment. They don’t ask you for any fanclub registration or membership number when you reserve a Global Package. Unfortunately, this also means that if there is any fanmeet or special fan event going on, you’ll have to apply for that separately.

Got a question that still isn’t answered? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer. Any additional questions I get will be added to this guide!



  1. Hello, asking on a new post!
    Premium package seems to arrange you closer to the stage
    will deluxe/economy packages arrange you further??? Thank you SO MUCH!!! this was very informative!

  2. Thanks for the article it was very helpful. Just one question I have. Approximately how much is the difference between the price of a single package and a twin package?

    1. Hi Dedipya, I don’t have the exact details for the twin package as I have never taken it and don’t remember the prices. I estimate the difference ranges between USD50 – 100 per person depending on the package level you take.

  3. Hi, first of all, forgive my English, it’s not very good.
    Second thank you very much for all the information is super useful. Now yes, I want to give my friend a voucher for the exo concert of 2019 in November and I have 3 questions,
    1º I do not know where we have to buy the entrance.
    2nd If you only select one night, is the night before to get up at the hotel on the day of the concert or the day of the concert and you sleep there after the concert?
    3º With the gloval economic entry can we choose a Stands? or just track?

    1. Hello Irene, I’m not very sure I understand your questions. For starters, there are no vouchers – I think you mean concert ticket. Also, EXO’s concert schedule is not announced yet so you will have to wait for SMTOWN to announce the 2019 dates. For your questions: 1) You purchase the global package from SMTOWN Travel website. They will announce only when concert dates are open. 2) One concert night = two nights hotel stay. For example, if you choose a concert night on Saturday, your hotel accommodation will be for Friday and Saturday night. 3) Standing or seating ticket depends on the concert venue/country.

  4. Is there a guide that helps participants find where they are seated since signs are in a different language (Korean)?

    1. Hi Jennifer, no there isn’t a dedicated guide but it is easy to find your seat as the sections are clearly marked – A1, A2, A3, etc – and from there you can find your row number and seat number. All chairs are clearly marked.

  5. Hi! First thank you very much for this very detailed FAQ. I’m planning on buying one of their packages for their next tour but I do have a question (I didn’t see the answer so sorry if you did already answer it 😭😭). It is said that the day after the concert, we should go back to the airport and take our flight. However is it possible to not do it and just stay in Korea? (This question may be stupid but I just want to be sure). As you may understand I want to get my money worth and take some time to visit the country, as I do live in Europe and place tickets are so expensive. Thank you again!

    1. Hi Celine, SMTOWN Travel only covers the accommodation for the days/nights that are specified in the global package. You are entirely free to arrive in Korea (or any other country with global package) earlier than the concert dates or extend your stay beyond the final concert dates. You will just have to make your own arrangements for accommodation.

  6. HI. I just want to ask about the twin package, if the concert is a 3 day concert and i want to attend all of it how can we do it? also about the premium package is it only available for 1person? or you can do it like the twin?

    1. Hi nxkate, if you wish to attend more than one concert then you need to buy the global package(s) for all nights that you want to attend. All levels of global packages offer options for multiple nights and either single/twin packages.

  7. Hi there. Are you going to elyxion dot too? I want to ask a few questions. Hope you can help me.

    1. How about the preorder concert merchandise? How many pieces can we buy per item?

    2. What time can we go to the hotel to check in?

    3. Can we request for vegetarian foods for the meal time?

    Hopefully you can help me answer this. Its gonna be my first time joining Global Package. Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Nurul, 1) on the concert merchandise pre-order it’s hard to say if there is going to be any limit as I’m not part of SM. 2) Hotel check in time is usually at 3pm. You can always ask for an early check in but that is up to the hotel if they will let you do so. 3) Yes you can request for vegetarian food for the lunch – my Muslim friends have done so for previous global packages.

  8. Hello there!

    I actually have a quick question with selecting the tickets that are randomized! If you were to order the twin package, do you have to pick two different tickets at random when you arrive or would it be separated from the single package people? I’m wondering about it since my friend and I are looking to get the twin package together but we are unclear if the tickets for the concert would have us end up separated??

    Thank you (: !!!!

    1. Hi Jackie, rest assured you won’t be separated from your friend. You will get to randomly choose one envelope and there will be 2 consecutive tickets inside. Best of luck for the global package scrum!

    1. Hi exo0408.hk, not all global package tickets are seating tickets as it really depends on what type of tickets have been allocated to SMTOWN Travel by the concert organizer. If standing is a concern, the global package mini site will usually indicate if it is a seating ticket, standing ticket or choice of either type. Hope this helps.

  9. Hello!~ so my question is if you get the Premium twin package are all the goodies split evenly? Like it would totally suck if they only provided ONE glass or ONE mood light then you have to pick and choose what you want;;

  10. Hello . So i have tried to book a global package before for elyxion in hk . i already choose the package that i want , but when i click to process at the last step the website said it already sold out . I thought that if we already choose the package then its already booked ?

    1. Hi Stella, your selected package is only booked if you make it to the final step, which is the PayPal payment page. If you encounter the sold out message, it means that someone else clicked through faster and the allocation was taken up. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Kiya, your questions have already been answered in my write-up – seats are assigned at random when you draw them at the hotel and usually the seats for Global Package participants are within the first 5 rows of the section. The cost of the premium package depends on the concert type that you are attending and runs in the low four digits.

  11. Hi! Just wondering if the hotel goods are only available for the premium package or is there some also included in the other package types? And once we select the package we want and click to the next page, does that mean it’s being reserved for the 2 hours or is there still a few more steps afterwards? Thank you!

    1. Hi Lana, the standard tour souvenirs are available for all global package participants, just that the quantity increases with each level. You can see my blog post on the EXO’rDIUMdot in Seoul as a reference – I was on the Economy package there. Your package is only considered reserved if you get to the PayPal payment page. Selecting the package you want will only bring you to the information entry page, and you’ll have to click through to payment from there and sometimes it fails at that stage due to the number of people trying to get through at the same time. Hope this helps!

  12. Hello, thank you for your write up! It was super helpful! My friend and I are considering going for global premium twin whenever their encore concert in Korea comes out. Do you happen to know if twin premium packages duplicate the merchandise in the room or is it just the concert tickets that are doubled?

    1. Hi jlailin, glad to hear the write up is useful for you! ^^ Yes, I can confirm that everything is duplicated for the premium twin package – you won’t have to share merchandise as all participants will get their own set. If you search YouTube, there’s actually a vlog by some Indonesian EXO-Ls where you can see they are sharing a twin room made up with the premium package merchandise. Hope you get to see the boys at the encore concert!

    1. Hi Keykyu2603, there is no additional fee from PayPal. However, if your main currency is not USD, there will be some difference in the amount charged to your card in your home currency. This is due to the currency exchange rate and not an additional fee.

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