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Renewing your Malaysian passport in Singapore (tips for making a chore, well, less of a chore)

I had to renew my Malaysian passport today as I was nearing the 6 month validity period on my current passport. Thinking that it would be better to be prudent, I decided to do this when I hit 7 months left on my passport.

It was the first time I would be doing this in Singapore, and I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully, I found this helpful blogpost by Rain, which really walks you through what to do when you arrive at the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore. As she does a great job of laying out the steps, I won’t repeat them here but will just add on what I found to be different or tips for a smoother experience.

  • Photo ID to be left at the guardhouse is important. There were a few other people who came at the same time as I did, but did not have a spare photo ID to leave. This naturally led to some confusion. It seems that you can leave a credit card in lieu of photo ID (based on a poster at the guardhouse) but as I did not take this option, I cannot verify this.
  • The visitor’s ID that you obtain from the guardhouse is NOT your queue number. Again, I saw/heard several confused visitors going to the counter with the visitor ID number thinking that it was their turn.
  • You can only get your queue number from counter 10 AFTER all your documents are in order. Hence, the checklist of copy of Singapore NRIC, copy of Malaysian NRIC, old passport and completed form (which you should have received from the guardhouse) will need to be presented to the staff at counter 10 in order for you to obtain a queue number.
  • If you don’t have a copy of your ID, there is a photocopy machine and a staff in the waiting area who can help you out. You will have to pay SGD 0.40 for one copy.
  • Payment is accepted in cash only. The June 2017 renewal rate is SGD 64.
  • Try not to wear white as the background for the passport photo is white and you will be required to put on a black blazer (provided) to take the photo.
  • Processing time used to be one or two working days but is now reduced to within the same working day. I went in the morning to process the renewal and got my new passport in the afternoon of the same day. If you have time to wait around, the High Commission staff actually said the new passport could be collected within 2 hours.
  • Pick up was extremely smooth – I was done with collecting my new passport within 10 minutes.
  • Now that you have your new passport, don’t forget to update your re-entry permit (for Singaporean Permanent Resident) and your HR (for those under work permit).

All in all, it was fuss-free and more importantly, stress-free. I would definitely recommend for Malaysian citizens living in Singapore to get your passport renewed here as it saves you the hassle of travelling back to Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru to process the renewal.



  1. I just went to apply for Malaysian Passport today. Below are the details.
    1) Need Photo ID (exp. Passion Card, Singapore Driving License) in exchange for the pass to enter the building. You will be given a simple form to fill .
    2) Please prepare SIngapore PR NRIC, Malaysian NRIC and Malaysian Passport.
    3) Remember to photocopy Singapore PR NRIC and Malaysian NRIC
    4) High Comm open at 8.00 am
    5) With all the documents and the form, go straight to Counter 10. Counter staff will check all the documents and will give you the queue number.
    6) Once your queue number is call up, hand over the documents to the staff. Prepare SGD67 (Adult ).
    7) Take photo on the spot. No need to snap photo outside.
    8) After the process, the staff will let you know when to collect the passport. I m to collect the NEXT day (2.30pm to 4.00pm). Bring along the queue number and your NRIC.

    1. Hi Yvonne, I believe that the high commission does accept submissions during working hours including afternoon but only morning submissions can be picked up on the same day. If you go in the afternoon it is likely you will only be able to collect your passport on the following day, hence most people will prefer morning so that it is done in a day.

  2. Nice one Petrina – thanks
    So all in all we just need to bring our old passport?
    Any photocopies can be done there and also the photo for the passport need to be taken there.
    Only need to bring cash and it is SGD64? This is for my 5 year old daughter/malaysian

    1. Hi Arina, you will also need to bring ID in addition to the old passport – in your daughter’s case will be her MyKid NRIC and the ID that she is holding in Singapore. The checklist you will receive at the guardhouse states this and the counter staff will also counter check this before giving you a queue number. If your documents are incomplete you will not be able to proceed further. When I went in June 2017 the rate was SGD64; it may have been revised for 2018 so you’ll have to check again with the counter staff. Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Arina,
      I am going to renew my kid’s passport soon.
      May I check with you what is the 2018 rate for child’s passport?
      Do I need to fill up any application form? (i remembered i did downloaded online and fill up some forms in a few years back)
      Will I still need to bring my kid’s birth cert/ Borang W?
      Thanks in advance!

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