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Ever wanted to try food by Michelin starred chefs and restaurants? Well then, SAVOUR is right up your alley as it makes chefs and gourmet food more accessible for the average person. I’d been to previous editions of SAVOUR in 2012 and 2013 so I definitely wasn’t going to break my attendance streak in 2014.

Savour 2014 Roasted Cod

Roasted Cod Salsa Rubra by Riccardo Catarsi, &Sons

Savour 2014 Braised Pressed Chicken

Braised & Pressed Free Range Chicken Leg, Roasted Red Petter & Almond Sauce by Mark Sargeant, Oxwell & Co

Savour 2014 Virgin Nitronita

Virgin Nitrorita by Emmanuel Stroobant, Blue Lotus/Saint Pierre

Overall, I was rather underwhelmed by this year’s edition of SAVOUR. Everything seemed to be on a much smaller scale or maybe it was the layout that made me think it was smaller. It took me less than than 2 minutes to recce the place and figure out which stall was what. Some of the usual suspects were there again this year (hello Emmanuel Stroobant and Alvin Leung) and there was a goodly mix of fresh new faces but I soon found myself flipping through the menu thinking, “That’s all?”

I did like the greater availability of chairs and tables this time around and also the downtown location at Marina Bay made it a breeze to get there by public transport. It was pretty breezy too, although I did end up red in the face from the sun.

Savour 2014 Abbot's Gold Cheese

For the first time in three visits, I walked into the Gourmet Market and was done in under 15 minutes, with my only purchase being this wonderfully yummy (and sold out!) Abbot’s Gold Cheese from the Wensleydale Creamery. Cheese with caramelized onions… heavenly.

Here’s hoping that SAVOUR 2015 will be better!

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