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The Extended Guide to SMTOWN Travel’s Global Package

I had some readers leave a couple of questions on my original post about attending EXO’s concert in Korea using SMTOWN Travel’s Global Package. I guess the write up wasn’t comprehensive enough for eager fans so I’ll do an extended post here that will hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Thinking about taking up a Global Package? Check out my Fan Guide to SMTOWN Travel’s Global Package here! It has all the latest details and this blog post won’t be updated any longer.


Last updated on December 26, 2017!

Disclaimer: I don’t work for SMTOWN Travel and these are all just my opinions based on my past experience and what information I received from the tour agency or their website.

What do I get with a Global Package?

At a minimum the Global Package covers the concert ticket(s), accommodation, tour souvenirs and transport to the concert venue and back to the hotel based on the number of concert nights you want to attend.

Nothing else is covered so budget accordingly for your flight tickets, travel insurance, transfer to/from hotel and airport, food and spending money.

How much does a Global Package cost?

There are too many variable factors to consider – e.g. type of concert, number of nights, package level, standard of hotel, country, etc. – so there really isn’t a single definitive answer for this.

But as a rule of thumb based on my previous experience, the single Economy Package for one night’s concert ticket with 2 days of accommodation in Korea (the most basic of all packages) starts around USD 499 and up. I feel that it’s safe to budget USD 200 per additional concert night, so think in terms of USD 499, USD 699, USD 899 and so on. The better the package (Economy / Superior / Deluxe / Premium) the higher and more expensive the pricing will be and can run into the low 4 digits.

The cost of the package will differ for other foreign countries (because of hotel and currency) so I can’t give you an actual estimate for that. However, based on the trend I’ve observed for recent ElyXiOn packages in Japan and Taiwan, taking up a global package outside of Korea is more expensive than Korea. Expect to budget around USD 899 for just one night of concert / 2 nights of accommodation and add around USD 300 for each additional night to be on the safe side.

You mention USD – how much does the Global Package cost in my local currency?

All of SMTOWN Travel’s tour packages are quoted in USD. You’ll have to use a currency converter to find out how much it costs in your local currency.

I don’t have a PayPal account – can I pay SMTOWN Travel by other means? Is it safe to use PayPal?

There is no other payment option in the website. But there really isn’t any reason not to use PayPal – it’s free to open an account online and you can link to your local credit card for online payments that are secure.

Can I reserve the Global Package and pay later?

In the website it states that payment will have to be made within 2 hours of selection, if not it will be released for sale again.

So if you really want to take up a Global Package, make sure you have the funds ready in your PayPal account or have a valid credit card linked to your account in preparation for the reservation process.

How will I know where I’m sitting/area I’m assigned for the concert?

You won’t know until the day before the concert when you draw your tickets in the hotel lobby. It’s completely random.

But I’m going with a friend! Will we be separated?

If you buy a single package separately then yes, it is likely you might end up separated or even at different hotels (there can be up to 50 buses for all the Global Package participants in Korea!). If you really want to go together with your friend SMTOWN Travel recommends taking up a twin package. Downside is you’ll have to share a room though.

What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund or change the type of package?

I really hope you don’t change your mind because the moment you complete your payment, there’ll be a cancellation charge of 10% and this percentage increases the closer you get to the concert date. There is also no option to ‘upgrade’ your package except to cancel the original purchase and hope for availability of the new package you want. So, it is important to know which level you want or can afford up front.

How many packages or reservations can I make? I want to go with a group of friends.

According to the website, you can only reserve for 2 people including yourself. So that means you can only help one other friend. (Note: the English on the website isn’t very clear so I’m not sure if you can reserve two single packages or if the maximum of 2 pax means you can only book a twin package. Based on how the website is setup, I think each individual can only reserve one package, either a single or twin.)

How easy is it to reserve a Global Package? How fast will it sell out?

The website itself is pretty straightforward and no translation is needed because there is an English version mini site for each event. Just do your preparations – create an account with SMTOWN Travel and PayPal ahead of time.

As to how fast the packages will sell out, it won’t be as bad as the stories you hear about trying to get regular concert tickets in Korea. But, that being said, it doesn’t mean you should be complacent about trying to book your tour package. You’ll probably have a window period of 2-5 minutes after release (on the stated date/time KST) to make your selection after which choices will get progressively narrowed down.

For the recent ElyXiOn in Seoul concert Global Package sales in October, packages remained available (as in, not completely sold out in all categories) for a good 20 minutes or so but you might not be able to reserve your package of choice.

For the ElyXiOn in Japan sales in December, the sell-out rate was even faster than the Korea concert. Within 1 minute right after the release the global packages were completely sold out. This probably is because there is only one hotel in Japan compared with 4 different hotels and categories in Korea. So demand is greater for the Japan/overseas packages due to the smaller group of fans that SM can cater for.

If you miss out on the first round, usually there is a second round – it’s said these are usually the packages released for sale again after people didn’t make their payment in time.

A pro-tip for those who are willing to take a gamble – SMTOWN Travel is very strict with the 2 hour payment time frame. You could possibly make a reservation on a second choice but not pay and keep on refreshing the page at the 2 hour mark to see if your preferred package gets released due to non-payment. Please bear in mind I don’t recommend doing this because it’s really risky and you might not even end up with a package AND you’d potentially be depriving some other fan of an available spot. So please do think long and hard before you do this!

I don’t want to miss out! Which type of package has better chances of availability – single or twin?

I would say it depends more on the package level you’re aiming for. This is because availability most likely depends on the number of rooms at any one particular hotel that SMTOWN Travel has probably booked. Hence that is more of a limiting factor (to me) than a single or twin package. Also whether you intend to watch all concert nights will be a factor as well – eg. there might be less tickets (and therefore packages) available for say, a final or opening night than the one in the middle. Having said that, for the ElyXiOn in Seoul concert Global Package sales in October, twin packages remained available far longer than the single packages.

I want to experience the Premium Global Package! When and where can I get it?

Premium packages used to be based on a roulette lucky draw or so I’ve heard. The good news is that now the Premium packages are available for the Seoul concerts and as long as you’re willing to fork out the moolah and you have fast fingers to book the package, you can experience the awesomeness that is the Premium package!

Got a question that still isn’t answered? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer. Any additional questions I get will be added to this guide!


  1. Sorry, just wanted to ask, does SMTown offer Global Packages for their events in other countries? For example, I want to go to Shinee Minho’s fan meeting in Taipei, will they offer a global package for that? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rina, in the past they have only opened up Global Packages for concerts in countries outside of Korea. I do not know if they will consider opening a GP for a fanmeet.

  2. Hello,
    I am wondering does economy/premium/deluxe packages have different seating area. Compare to most people liking the premium package and sitting up close i would actually prefer to sit further away and in the lower bowl instead of floor seats. Does getting economy/deluxe packages have further seats?

    1. Hello Emily, different classes of packages will definitely have different seating areas. But as to whether you can get your preferred choice of 1st floor seats will really depends on the concert venue. For example, I was on economy package for EXO’rDiUMdot and I was still seated at the ground level as the Jamsil Stadium was a big venue. A reader of the blog was on deluxe for ElyXiOndot and she was seated on 1st floor if I’m not mistaken. Again, all seats are random and not even the SMTOWN staff can help you get your preferred section. If seat preference is something you really must have, then I will suggest that you buy tickets from the concert organiser or from legit resellers as they can guarantee which section you’ll be in. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi have you tried extending your hotel stay? I wonder for twin packages, is the 75 USD price for extra night charged per room or person?

    1. Hi thepurplekid, I have not extended my stay under the Global Package as I usually plan and book my own accommodation before/after. I would presume that for twin packages, any amount quoted should be per person rather than per room. Sorry!

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for this, it made it really easy to understand. I want to try for the premium package for the encore, but I desperately want front or at least middle row tickets. Does the premium package ensure that you will at least be on the front or middle rows during the concert?

    1. Hi Ellenoor, the premium package gives you a chance at scoring a front row seat but it is not a guarantee. I have only ever met one lucky fan who got a front row seat before so it is not impossible to get it. If you try for a premium package and do get it, it is up to your luck when you draw the ticket at the hotel and that’s all I can advise you on. Good luck!

    1. Hi Yoan Lucia, I’m not sure I get your question. If you have opted for one concert night you will get 1 ticket. If you are attending two concert nights, you will get 2 tickets – one per night.

  5. Hi Petrina,

    I didn’t get the global package as it was sold out, but i did manage to score a ticket from a service provider,Govoyagin. Although the seats were way up and had to use binoculars for closer look at the beautiful boys. Nevertheless it was a fun night. Do you think there will be an encore of elyxion in seoul? Would love to go there. And just wanted to know, are the seats closer to the stage when tickets are purchased from SMTown?


    1. Hi Hameza, nice to hear from you again! ^^ I am certainly hoping there will be encore concerts this year for ElyXiOn and am planning to go. So far I have had seats around 2-4 rows from the stage with the Global Package so yes, the possibility of better seats with SMTOWN Travel is higher. Hope to see you at the dot concerts!

      1. Hello again!Hehe. Am planning to the encore concert as well, but do they have encore concerts every tour? Btw, from your blog posts, you have purchased other packages, ie premium/deluxe/superior/economy, do you know whether like the seats for these packages differ? Like for premium, as it is the most expensive package, would the seats be better than the other packages. Would love to meet you one day at the concert!

        1. Hi Hameza, so far they’ve had encore concerts for the past two tours and Suho mentioned that they’ve been working on new/different solo stages for the encore so I believe there will be one for ElyXiOn! You will get seats in different sections based on your package level – e.g. for Premium I was in the section close to the stage while for Economy I was closer to the extended ‘wings’ of the stage. But that’s not a guarantee as my friends who have alao taken up Global Packages were at other spots. The only thing that is ‘guaranteed’ with a Global Package is that you are normally within the first 5 rows from the stage, which is really close to the boys. Hope this helps and yes, would be lovely to meet you at the concert!

  6. Hello! I love how detailed you’ve shared on your blog about SMTOWN’s GP, I want to write about my own experience as well.. but too lazy 😂😂
    Btw, I have a very weird question, can you purchase a GP on your own country?

    1. Hi Kisa, thanks for reading the blog! ^^ I think it is possible to purchase a Global Package for your own country – I’ve not read any restrictions on this in the T&Cs. SMTOWN Travel does ask for your ID details and all but that’s more for identification purpose.

  7. Hi,
    I am Akhila from India and I am huge huge EXO fan.I have been working hard just so that I can go to one of their concerts and ElyXiOn has come out at the right time. It will be my first concert ever so I have many doubts. Please help me out.
    1) Can you please tell me a reliable site where I can buy the tickets from? and what to keep in mind while booking the tickets, cause they get sold out in like 2 seconds. Reliable in the sense so that the website doesn’t turn out to be fake or the tickets don’t turn out to be fake. I am putting in my all so I really can’t take the risk 😦 A website that you have used before to book tickets will be helpful.
    2) Can you tell me which are the best seats? keeping in mind the ElyXiOn Bangkok 2018 or ElyXiOn Singapore 2018. I would like to get the best of them. The seats where they give out their hands and we can touch em 🙂 or the seats where they can at least make eye contact.
    3) Also, if you know the price range of the tickets (in USD or INR) it would be great. I googled em but I really don’t know if it’s the original information or no.
    4) What do you suggest about the SMTown Global Package for ElyXiOn Singapore 2018 or ElyXiOn Bangkok 2018? Any idea when they would go on sale? I also want to know if we would get good seats if we take the global package.
    These are my main concerns for now. I really hope you reply soon and I can get an insight on things. I don’t know anyone else whom I can approach. So I hope you don’t mind my sudden questionnaire. Please please help me out. I am counting on you 😦 this may be my last chance to even go to their concert. A once in a lifetime thing. So I hope you understand and help me out 🙂 thaaaaaanks :* in advance.

    1. Hi Akhila, you sure do write an essay and I’m not an expert on this but here’s what I think.
      1) As long as you buy concert tickets from an official ticket site, you will be fine. Each country has their own ticketing system so you will need to know which country you’re going for in the first place. If you’re really not confident in booking the ticket yourself then my advice will be for you to get a Global Package from SMTOWN Travel as that will be your ticket, accommodation and transportation sorted out.
      2) The definition of a best seat really depends on what you want. I suppose you want to be closest to the boys since you say you want to ‘touch’ their hands. Unless you are lucky enough to score a front row seat in Japan or Korea, the rest of the countries are a lottery. This is because only Japan and Korea concerts have seating areas closest to the stage. Other countries are most likely standing tickets in the mosh pit and it is up to you if you want to crowd and push with the rest of the fans. If you choose a Global Package it is likely you will have a seated ticket further out from the stage but with a good view.
      3) Each of the countries will have their official ticket websites and the prices will be shown there. You’ll have to do your own homework and conversion there.
      4) I don’t work for SMTOWN Travel so I really don’t know when the packages will go on sale. All I can tell you is you should create an account (if you haven’t already done so) and they wilk send out emails informing of when the packages are released for sale. Otherwise you may follow their official Twitter account.
      Hope you get to see the boys in concert soon.

  8. hello! thank you for the detailed reviews for your experiences, reading them make me want to try the global package someday!
    quick question though, for the twin package prices, are those prices for each person? to be honest, i have been going for concerts alone because i’m that quiet fangirl who doesn’t have fandom friends hahaha but if the twin packages are cheaper i’d consider looking for someone to share the room with…
    not sure if you mentioned trying the global package for other countries, but it seems the Japan packages come with extra perks (like fans get to meet some members…? or did i misread some fanaccounts).

    1. Hi Cher, thanks for reading my blog! ^^ I believe the price for the twin package is per person and it is slightly cheaper than a single package. I value my privacy in the hotel room (because I tend to hog the bathroom) so I’ve only ever taken the single package. Don’t be shy, we’re all at the concert for the same purpose! You never know who you’ll meet. 😀 I have not gone for global packages outside of Seoul but yes, I also read that the boys had a small meet and greet in Fukuoka after the concerts. I think that is for the Japan fan club rather than a global package perk. Hope this helps and that you get to experience a global package soon!

  9. Hello,

    Im planning to buy the global package in Osaka but apparently it is sold out. Do you think there might be a chance of anotherround ofsale?

    1. Hi Hameza, did you miss out on the first round of the global package sales today? 😦 Usually there is a second open a few days later when they release a limited number of places. I’m not sure if this second open is additional places or the balance of packages that people didn’t make payment for. Keep your fingers crossed and I hope you get to see the boys in Osaka!

      1. Yeah. Sadly it was sold out when i tried to click the payment button. Im devastated 😭 hopefully there will be. Thanks anyway! I read all your experience and I’m definitely envious you have met them. Pray for me so that I could experience the same as you 🙏🏻

        1. Oh dear. Just a tip for the next round – if you don’t manage to buy the package within the first 5 minutes don’t give up hope! Remember that SMTOWN is super strict on the 2 hour payment limit. If you go back in on the dot 2 hours later you can sometimes snag a remaining package on the first open. I hope you’ll get lucky with the second open!

  10. Hi, I plan to watch exo concert in Japan next January. This is the my first time watching exo concert (so exciting!!!). I plan to buy through SMTown Global package, as I heard that it will be easier for international fans. I just want to ask, as I have no idea about the price and the package tour, is there enough time for me to browse and choose then do the payment? You said above that time window are only 5 min after the opening. Please help… Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Renata, how exciting! Your first EXO concert. ^^ I have not joined the SMTOWN Global Package outside of Korea before so I’m not sure what the timeframe is like for you to choose your preferred package. My gut feel is that the competition is less intense than that of the Korea concerts but there could also be less spaces available. Best is to decide now how many concert days you want to attend and work out an estimated budget based on the Korea package pricing. Good luck!

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